New user, initial question

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at
Fri Dec 29 11:27:44 CET 2000

Hi all.

I just want to introduce myself as a new bird user here on the list and have
an initial question: how stable is the RIP module of the current bird release?
I would like to use bird as routing daemon within one product we are
developing. We used zebra since a few months, but there have been some
problems with it that couln't be solved, and as the time is getting shorter
and shorter (we have to start tests soon) I started looking around for another
routing daemon. So I came around to bird (via freshmeat) and was impressed by
the good documentation (at least the few parts I have read by now are good...
:)) ) and would like to start working with the bird now.

The product I work on is a router for wireless networks running under Linux in
an (slightly) embedded system. We use RIPv2 for the beginning, but would also
like to enable them to use OSPF in one of the next steps. Current protocol is
IPv4, IPv6 will also come in a later step.

Is there anything I should pay attention for when using the RIPv2 part of
bird? Any pitfalls, stability problems, ...? Is there a mailing list archive

Bye, Mike

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